About Our School

Mission Statement

“Our Mission is to glorify God by instilling in His children a desire to know Him and a desire to learn to be contributing members of their earthly community and the Kingdom of God.

“To accomplish this we will rely on the Word of God, incorporate the combined resources of our church and community, and utilize appropriate, supervised, cutting edge technology.”

 How did Fortuna Junior Academy get started?

The first Seventh-day Adventist school in Fortuna was started in 1924 in the back room of the church at 16th and L Streets with about 20 students. In 1941 a new S. D. A. school was built on Newburg Road. The present school plant was constructed in the early 1960’s.

Who operates the school?

Fortuna Junior Academy (FJA) is operated by the local Seventh-day Adventist Church which elects an independent School Board of volunteers directly supporting and governing all aspects of the school. The Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Department of Education also offers support and guidance in the form of superintendents, curriculum guidelines and periodic evaluation teams.

Do Seventh-day Adventists have other schools?

Yes. FJA is part of the Seventh-day Adventist world system of schools (Adventist Education). SDA’s operate schools at every educational level from kindergarten through university in almost every country of the world. Most cities of the U.S. have an S.D.A. school. Besides ours, there are fifty other elementary schools in Northern California.

Are FJA teachers certified?

FJA teachers are not only certified by the State of California but also undergo a rigorous scripture-based course of study to prepare them for their important role.

What type of elementary curriculum is used?

Students are taught the basic core curriculum offered in any school, consisting of reading and language skills, social studies, science, and mathematics, plus Bible. A number of textbooks are the same as those used in the public schools, while others are written and published by Christian publishers with distinctly Christian philosophy.

How about academic achievement?

FJA students take national standardized tests each year, beginning in third grade. FJA test scores are consistently higher than the national average.

What about religion?

FJA is a Bible-based Seventh-day Adventist Christian school. We believe that school atmosphere and the influence of fellow students and teachers are just as important as formal class instruction. Students pray in the classroom and are encouraged to live a Christian lifestyle in speech, actions, and influence. Various experiences for spiritual growth are provided.

Where do students go from FJA?

After eighth grade, students can either transfer to one of the many twelve grade S.D.A. boarding academies or to a local high school. Many students go on to Rio Lindo Academy near Healdsburg or Milo Academy near Grants Pass, Oregon. From there they can attend any number of private or public high schools and colleges.