Admission & Enrollment

Who can attend FJA?

Each application is reviewed by our School Board on a case by case basis. FJA admits students of any race, religion, color, national, or ethnic origin without discrimination. Because we are a Christian school, we do require that the students have a positive outlook about God.

Can children in higher grades be admitted?

We welcome children of every grade. All new students will be interviewed at the time of making application to determine whether the student and the school will be mutually compatible. An application must be completed and the student’s record at the previous school checked before acceptance. The FJA Admissions Committee must approve all new students.

How about special education?

FJA is not equipped to handle students with severe learning handicaps, behavior problems, or physical disabilities that would prevent the student from fitting into a regular classroom environment. FJA teachers attempt to individualize instruction to meet the needs of students and provide special help where practical.

How to Enroll

Returning Students:

Registration may take place by mail if ALL of the following are received by the August registration date:

  1. Student Information Sheet (Updated as necessary)
  2. Financial Schedule (signed)
  3. Physical Exam Evidence (*7th grade)
  4. Payment for first month’s tuition and entrance fee.

*A 7th grader will need a signed statement from a physician giving evidence of a physical exam that includes a check for scoliosis.

If any of these cannot be mailed, parents must register students in person on registration day.

NOTE: Forms may be mailed to the school in advance, but registration is not complete until all fees and 1st month tuition have been paid.

New Students Transferring From Another School:

The following items will be needed on registration day to transfer to FJA from another school:

  1. Completed application
  2. Current immunization record
  3. Grades and achievement test results from previous year
  4. Evidence of a physical exam if not transferring from another SDA school in the Pacific Union Conference.

The FJA Admissions Committee will notify the family of acceptance as soon as possible. Once accepted, payment for the first month’s tuition and entrance fee is due before the child starts class.

Forms to Download

Please download, print out and complete these forms below. Once filled out, turn them in at our office.


Student Application


Student Consent to Treatment


Student Medical Record